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Make Offer:
Available for repeat customers.

How it works:
Customers who bought a motor from our site at least 90 days ago have proven to be our most trusted customers. If this is you, you are invited to check availability of additional discounts on new purchases.
Discounts will vary depending on what and how much you purchase.

In general, if you buy another motor you will likely get 5% off. Maybe more.
That or an accessory, extra drive belt or drive pulley to fit it for free. That can include parts that fit you previous purchase.
If you buy multiple items we may offer you a discount as well.
Just ask before you buy.

Items that say: Make offer available in the listing may be sold at a lower price.
Just tell us your offer price.

Either way, we will look up your past purchases and at least make a counter offer.

Click here to contact us and make an offer

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