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Store Policy

Customer Care

Our policy's include:

  1. Leave no customer stuck on broken or missing parts.

  2. If something is not working as expected:
    Please text us. We will attempt to get you back up and running ASAP.

  3. Is the warranty expired?
    We will provide up to one year extended customer support:
    Print and keep your receipt, it could save you money..

  4. We keep all parts in stock.
    That means if it breaks, we can fix it within days, not months to years waiting for parts from the large US sellers.

  5. Honesty goes a long way: If you smoked it just say so!
    We will ask a few questions and then sell you the replacement parts at a discount.
    Sometimes we will ask you to return the control unit for repair and repair it for you at our cost.

Privacy & Safety

All credit card transactions are processed through WIX payments.
We do not see or retain credit card numbers. We also do not recommend keeping such
info stored at any on-line store.

To fulfill your order, process warranty and provide customer support we will retain:
Your name, ship to address, e mail address, phone numbers, order date and products purchased.
This is stored by WIX in their system not ours.

We do not sell or release customer information:
However we have no control over other company's providing our hosting and apps used to improve the
operation of this website.

We do not cold call customers or spam e mail addresses:
However we may be forced to call or text you to clarify a recent order and make sure you get the
correct item for your machinery. Since we work 14+ hours a day, this could be during the evenings
or on weekends as well. We will text you first and ask if we can call. If there is no reply we may still
call via voice. This is because many customers still use land lines without text features.


Your privacy is of the highest importance. 
As soon as your order is shipped and if you have any questions:
Please take the time to contact us as we most likely will not call, text or e-mail you

Wholesale, Resale, Manufacturer, Entrepreneur, Designer and Inventor Inquiries

If you are interested in 10 to 10,000 pieces:
We can make that happen and at prices low enough that there is plenty of room for you to make a
generous profit margin.

If you are creating your own designs and/or conversion that we have not made yet:
We would be interested in working with you. That could mean just one and we will launch it.
Or, it could mean that you want to retain ownership of the design and bring it to market your self.
In the latter we would assist you in design, getting parts made and even sales and marketing.


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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