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Custom made 10L050 toothed timing pulley with 10 mm bore & 3 mm key
+ belt guide flanges and over size hub. 

See images for measurements.

Specifically designed to fit motor upgrades to new and old lathes, mills and other machinery that can seriously benefit from a motor upgrade.

These synchronous pulleys have a wide speed range, are very efficient, do not slip or squeal and much less noise than std v belt drives. 


Teeth on the belts are molded to conform with and engage the teeth on a mating L050 toothed belt.

Material aluminum
Bore 10 mm
Key way slot 3 mm

Belt pitch: L
Belt width: 1/2"

10L050 synchronous timing Pulley 10 mm bore 3mm key way slot

Excluding Sales Tax
  • One 10L050 Timing Pulley with 10 mm bore and 3 mm key as seen in images.

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