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Custom made 12L050 and 20L050 Set of toothed timing pulleys
with belt guide flanges and over size hub. 

Originally made to use on 
MX-210V lathe conversions. See feedback below.

See images for measurements.

Specifically designed to fit our industrial servo motors to new and old lathes, mills and other machinery that can seriously benefit from a motor upgrade.

synchronous Pulleys have a wide speed range, are very efficient, do not slip or squeal and much less noise than std v belt drives. 

Teeth on the belts are molded to conform with and engage the teeth on a mating L050 toothed belt.

The 12L050 is bored at 15 mm
Key way slot is cut to fit a std 5 mm key way. 
This fits directly on all the servo motors we sell
Material aluminum

Belt pitch L
Belt width 1/2"
Space between flanges is 0.55"
Flange outside diameter 37 mm or 1.450"
Total height 1.105"
see photos.

The 20L050 is bore  to size. (fit to your machine)
Custom made to be machinable to fit both US and Metric machines.
If you have the tooling buy the base set and bore it to fit the milling machine, lathe or other machine you are upgrading.
Material aluminum

Belt pitch: L
Belt width: 1/2"
Space between flanges: 0.55"
Flange outside diameter: 66.7 mm
Total height: 28.4 mm
Hub outside diameter: 45 mm
Minimum bore (stock): 13 mm (0.510")
Maximum bore would be about 1.5" and influenced by key way size.


Set of 2:
That is one 12 tooth for the motor and one 20 tooth for your machine.
The ratio is 1.67 to 1

Speeds achieved:
  • With our 1 HP servo motor: Motor range 300 ~ 4,500 RPM.
    Spindle speed range is 179.6 ~ 2,694.6 RPM.
  • With our 2 HP servo motor: Motor range 300 ~ 3,500 RPM.
    Spindle speed range is 179.6 ~ 2.095.8 RPM.

Recent feedback:
12L050 was perfect fit on Vevor 750watt motor, 20L050 was bored and keyed for 45mm spindle on MX-210V lathe and was great fit.

12L050 With 15 mm Bore & 20LO50 Bore to fit Timing Pulley's

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ships USPS first class for $6.75

    USA only.
    Ask about international shipping.

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