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Universal Side Mount 2 HP 1500 Watt Computer Controlled Servo Motor

2024 Controler built in internal rotary speed control and USA version 3" OD  double 2AK30 V belt sheave Pulley.

Specifically designed for those converting/upgrading their old time lathes and drill press's

From inferior induction motors to modern design servo motors.

Universal fit motor mount allows for easy adaption to fit many old fashioned lathes and drill press's

Note: Custom bolt hole patterns are available. 

2AK30 double Groove Fixed Bore Pulley:
Fits the most common USA size belts found from the 1950's until current. 
Use with A, 3L & 4L (A & AX) V-Belts!

Sold with a custom built 2024 matching control unit with reverse on the fly.

Speed is programmable for any range between 300 to 3,000 RPM in 10 rpm increments

See images for measurements.

Note: the maximum distance between control unit and motor is 28 inches.

Runs on typical 110 to 120 volt AC household power supply's


  • A complete servo motor as seen in images.
  • A stand alone and programmable custom built servo motor driver with overload protection and internal variable speed control.
  • A flush and universal fit motor mount.
  • A USA size 3" OD sheave pulley that fits the old standard USA belts usually called A, 3L & 4L (A & AX) V-Belts


Motor programming + spindle speeds and Reverse:
  • The motor speed can be programmed to operate in any range chosen by the user.
    Between 200 and 3,000 RPM's.
  • The full range of speed (RPM's) can also be controlled with just the speed control knob.
  • Speed control programming only requires a few easy steps.
  • Reverse is simple, just hold the yellow button for a few seconds.
  • Programming includes the ability to set bottom and top RPM range separately. In other words you can program the system to
    run the spindle at any speed or range of speeds you choose (see below).
    Slowest speed achievable: Motor 200 RPM. (Below 300 is not recommended).
    Highest speed: 3,000 RPM. Setting above 3,000 RPM also voids warranty.
  • Soft start is programmable and will be set as soft as possible when you receive this motor. This program is very effective in reducing drive belt wear etc.
  • Braking strength is also programmable and will be set as low as possible.
  • Self diagnostics with fault code chart.
  • Safe turn on system where the speed control knob must be in the full counter clockwise (stop) position when turned on. When turned on the self diagnostic system checks for faults and will not allow the motor to turn on until the speed control knob is turned all the way to stop first.
  • Control unit has the ability to stop the motor or what ever it is turning in 2 different locations with external hall effect sensors not included.
  • Cannot be programmed to communicate with any CNC controller at this time.
  • Use at your own risk. Our liability is limited to the purchase price of this item.


Recent feedback:

Fantastic setup! Can't find this anywhere else. Stupid powerful torque. Great communications. Buy it.

Its running great on my 1942/52 first generation ShopSmith.

2AK30 1500 Watt Universal Side Mount 2 HP 16NM Torque 300~3,500 RPM

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Motor Specifications:
    • Watt:           1500  (2 HP)
    • Voltage:      110V
    • HZ:             60
    • Torque:      16 N.M.
    • RPM:         200 to 3,000 RPM in 10 RPM increments.
                         Note: Manufacturer recommended 500 to 3,000 RPMs
                         My personal testing results: This motor runs best between 300 and 3,100 RPMs.
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