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173L050  synchronous toothed drive belt
This is the replacement belt that fits our spindle drive Mini Lathe Servo Motor mod.
It is also used by many other machines.

The length: 17.3"
The width: 1/2"
The tooth count: 46
Pitch designation: L

In stock and ready to ship.
Fits mini metal lathes that have been converted to our servo motor drive.
The ones where the drive belt goes directly to the spindle gear.

Does not fit any lathe that has not been converted to our servo Motor upgrade.

Does not fit 2 speed mini lathes.

173L050 .5 X 17.3" 46 tooth L Timing Belt Custom Crafter Mini lathe servo Mod

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ships USPS first class with tracking at $4.95

  • Sorry no returns because round trip shipping costs more than the item

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