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2 HP Band Saw Servo Motor Upgrade Kit.
Best suited to convert Craftsman 14 wood band saw to both wood and metal capability's.

Now comes with:
  • New improved strait shaft.
  • New improved Motor Face Plate drilled and tapped to directly fit Craftsman Band Saw
  • New improved and anodized belt drive pulley. 
2 HP Servo Motor Upgrade for Craftsman 14" wood only band saws and several other brands that are actually the same saw. Our system replaces the original induction motor because it runs at a fixed 1,700 RPM and it destroys metal blades. This is because it only runs at 1,700 feet or 3,000 feet per minuet and metal blades run at 250 to 500 feet per minuet. When replaced/upgraded to our servo motor the blade speed is variable between 200 feet per minuet and 2,600 FPM. Now it will cut steel and aluminum as thick as 8". Our 2 HP servo motor is a direct fit bolt on system. It will fit the saw seen in above images and several other brands that are the same actual band saw. You must verify fit before you order: Look at above images to verify fit.
  • Make sure the bolt circle measures the same.
  • Make sure the belt drive is also a match.
  • If your saw is different or you are unsure, please contact us first.


To see a video about performance results of our 1.2 HP version:
Click here to see the test results of version 1 here on YouTube.
Also includes/shows how simple it is to swap out.
Notes about this listing and in relation to the video about the 1.2 HP version: The 1.2 HP motor is suitable for all blades up to 1/2" wide by 0.025" thick. The 1.2 HP version can cut metal up to 4" thick providing you use the correct blade and speed. This listing is for our 2 HP version. Our 2 HP version is suitable for all blades up to 3/4" wide by 0.035" thick. Our 2 HP version can cut metal up to 8" thick providing you use the correct blade and speed.


Please make sure before you order:
Contact us and ask questions. Do not worry about it selling out. We will make more. What is 
most important is that you get the right system for your saw. Especially because shipping is 
not refundable. In other words, if you buy it and return it, you will lose shipping both ways and 
that is about $50!!!



Band Saw 2 HP Servo Motor Upgrade Wood to Metal Craftsman 14" Replacement Kit

SKU: 000005
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ships USPS large flat rate box at $28.00
    Up to $5.50 built into shipping to cover insurance.

    Ships to USA only.
    Ask about international shipping.

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