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3/4 HP 5500 Watt Computer Controlled Servo Motor.

Face Mount Version:
Comes with button head M6 X 1.0 mounting screws as seen in image one.

Sold with a 2024 year model reverse on the fly version control unit:

  • Speed is programmable for any range between 300 to 4,500 RPM
    Settings are limited to 10 RPM intervals.
  • Reverse on the fly applys adjustable brake and soft start for a near instant and smooth
    change of direction
  • E Stop employs adjustable brake. This allows for coast to stop or imediate stop.

See images for measurements.
Note: the maximum distance between control unit and motor is 28 inches.

Runs on typical 110 to 120 volt AC household power supply's


Motor programming + spindle speeds and Reverse:
  • The motor speed can be programmed to operate in any range chosen by the user.
    Between 200 and 4,500 RPM's.
    Note: Settings are limited to 10 RPM intervals.
  • The full range of speed (RPM's) can also be controlled with just the external speed control switch.
  • Speed control programming only requires a few easy steps.
  • Reverse is simple, just hold the yellow button for a few seconds.
  • Programming includes the ability to set bottom and top RPM range separately. In other words you can program the system to run the spindle at any speed or range of speeds you choose (see below).
    Slowest speed achievable: Motor 200 RPM.
    Highest speed: 3,500 RPM.
  • Soft start is programmable and will be set as soft as possible when you receive this motor. This program is very effective in reducing drive belt wear etc.
  • Braking strength is also programmable and will be set as low as possible. Personally I wish I could set it lower.
  • Self diagnostics with fault code chart and programming instructions sre found on our web site.
  • Power out safty system. If you leave when the power went out and the power comes back on while you are away: The motor will not run until you manually turn the speed knob to stop and reset the speed.
  • Use at your own risk. Our liability is limited to the purchase price of this item.

2024 model 550 Watt servo motor external 3/4HP 4 NM torque

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Motor Specifications:
    • Watt:           550  (3/4 HP)
    • Voltage:      110 ~ 130 Volts AC single phase
    • HZ:             60
    • Torque:      4 N.M.
    • RPM:         100 to 4,500 RPM in 10 RPM increments.
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