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1 HP 750 Watt Servo Motor 2024 Version Computer Controller with reverse on the fly.
Upgrade for two speed Mini Metal Lathes.

See my store for a different system that fits single speed spindle drive mini lathes.

Fits: Has been installed and tested on the below models.

May fit others.

  • Grizzly G8688 7" X 12" Two speed and only versions with high low gear.
  • Klutch (Northern Tool) 7" X 12" Two speed and only versions with high low gear.
  • Harbor Freight 7" X 10" Two speed and only versions with high low gear.
  • Harbor Freight 7" X 12" Two speed and only versions with high low gear.
  • Harbor Freight 7" X 14" Two speed and only versions with high low gear. (see below)
  • 7" X 14" Two speed. (see below)
About Grizzly G0765 and all 7" x 14": This lathe has a different belt cover. It is very close but
not the same. 
Other 7" X 14" two speeds likely have this slightly different belt cover as well.
for now I would suggest asking for a price without the cover and plan on machining your own cover.
Sold complete with all the adapters required to install in the original motor location.
This allows for complete reinstall of all threading gears and auto feed systems.


The horsepower improvement is incredible.
Kinda like replacing the small block with a big block in your Mustang/Camaro muscle car. Just pure power, so much so
that you will never use all of it. This system provides full power at any speed and that includes Spindle RPM's as low as
50 RPM's in low gear. You may want to consider the high low gears inside the head and at least lube them with a high
end sling free grease.
Motor and spindle speeds + Reverse:
The motor speed can be programmed and or full range can be achieved with just the speed control rotary knob on the controller. Speed control programming only requires a few easy steps.
Reverse on the fly is simple; Just push the blue latching  button.
Programming includes the ability to set bottom and top RPM range separately. In other words you can program the system to run the spindle at any speed or range of speeds you choose (see below).
Slowest speed achievable: Motor 200 RPM
Highest speed this one produced: Motor 4,500 RPM.

Mini Metal Lathe 2 speed 750W Servo Motor Upgrade Kit. Grizzly Harbor Freight

SKU: 000002
Excluding Sales Tax
  • A new 750 watt motor:
    Motor will come with the motor mount 
    installed This will require adjustment to fit your lathe. It will also come with the small timing pulley installed.

    A 2024 control computer/driver with internal speed control.
    This control unit is built by The Custom Crafter. It includes:
    A. Thermal overload system with reset function.
    B. E-Stop function.
    C. The new reverse on the fly function.
    D. Power out saftey circuit.
    (see photos).
    Make note: Color of the reset rocker switch is orange or green. If it is not, it does not have thermal overload protection.

    The Custom Crafter made in USA motor mount.
    installed on motor, see line 1).

    Mounting hardware:
    Inludes thick washers and grade 8 nuts.

    One aluminum intermediate shaft timing pulley.
    Custom made, polished and anodized.

    One aluminum motor timing pulley.
    Custom made, polished, anodized and fit the motor (see photos).

    A new L050 1/2" wide timing belt.

    A custom machined belt cover plate.
    Fits the larger 10L050 belt.

    The new 2024 control computer driver.
    Comes programmed to optimal performance settings for this lathe.

    Programming instructions are found on our website:
    Writen in laymans terms by The Custom Crafter. Include fault codes and recommended settings.

    Assembly instructions. 
    See the video:
    Includes a text number for direct assistance from the custom Crafter. 

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