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Mini Metal Lathe 1.2 HP Servo Motor 115 V 900 Watt Upgrade Kit

2024 Upgraded 1.2 HP 900 Watt Computer Controller With internal rotary speed control switch and Matching Servo Motor.

Lead time is up to 10 days:
We have very limited stock on the motor mount bracket. Often we have to make parts when orders are recieved. Your purchase places it in the lineup to build and ship. Curently it can take 1 to 4 days before it is complete and shipped.
Also note:
Just because an items shows 0 or 1 in stock does not mean we do not have 20. Just ask by the contact link onthe bottom of all pages. We will than check stock and orders and advise on when we can ship before you order.


Custom Made When You Order:

Fits Many Mini Metal Lathes.

Sold complete with all the adapters required to install in the original motor location of your spindle drive mini metal lathe.
Allows for complete reinstall of all threading gears and auto feed systems.

Fits mini metal lathes that the drive belt goes directly to the spindle gear.
Does not fit mini metal lathes that have an intermediate shaft (high/low gear). To fit these you would need to purchase one of my systems designed for two speeds. See our Mini Metal Lathe 1 hp Servo Motor 2 speed kit

The horsepower improvement is incredible.
Kinda like replacing the small block with a big block in your Mustang/Camaro muscle car. Just pure power, so much so that you will never use all of it.
This system provides full power at any speed and that includes Spindle RPM's as low as 200 RPM's
Motor and spindle speeds + Reverse:
The motor speed can be programmed and or full range can be achieved with just the speed control knob:
Speed control programming only requires a few easy steps.
Reverse is simple, just hold the yellow button for a few seconds.
Programming includes the ability to set bottom and top RPM range separately. In other words you can program the system to run the spindle at any speed or range of speeds you choose (see below).
Slowest speed achievable: Motor 100 RPM = Spindle 60 RPM.
Highest speed this one produced: Motor 3,500 RPM = Spindle just over 2,000 RPM's.
Note: it is not recommended to spin the spindle any faster unless you upgrade the factory installed spindle bearings.
Motor Specifications:
  • Watt:           900  (1.2 HP)
  • Voltage:      110V
  • HZ:             60
  • Torque:      11 N.M.
  • RPM:         200 to 3,500 RPM in 10 RPM increments.
                       Note: Manufacturer recommended 300 to 3,500 RPMs
                       My personal testing results: This motor runs best between 300 and 3,500 RPMs.
Ratio of belt drive:

1.6 to 1 (motor turns 1.6 revolutions to every revolution the spindle turns)
Motor 300 ~ 3,500 rpm  = Spindle 187 ~ 2,187 rpm.


Mini Metal Lathe 900 Watt Servo Motor Upgrade Kit. Spindle Drive Only

Excluding Sales Tax

    • A new 900 watt motor like the one seen here in photos above and on you-tube. Motor will come with the motor mount installed. This will require adjustment to fit your lathe. It will also come with the small timing pulley installed on it using a 5 mm key-way and main shaft nut.
    • A new 2024 control computer like the one seen in the above photos. This control unit is built by The Custom Crafter to include:
      A. Built in Thermal overload protection rocker style switch with reset function. See photos, make note of the orange power switch with the word RESET. If your switch is red or if it does not say reset, it does not have thermal overload protection.
      B. Software based jam protection.
      C. Internal speed control rotary switch.
      D. Reverse on the fly function.
      E. Power went out safty circuit.
    • The Custom Crafter made in the USA motor mount. (installed on motor, see line 1). Includes thick washers and grade 8 nuts.
    • The Custom Crafter made in USA spindle bearing head adapter (see photos).
    • The Custom Crafter made in USA spindle spacer (see photos).
    • One anodized and polished aluminum spindle timing pulley (see photos).
    • One anodized and polished aluminum motor timing pulley. (see photos). Comes preinstalled on motor (see line 1).
    • The new in 2024 aluminum spacer on motor shaft.
    • A new L050 1/2" wide timing belt.
    • Access to interactiv on-line programming instructions and fault codes in plain English and written by us.. Includes recommended programming settings and fault codes.
    • Package may not include basic written assembly instructions.
      If this is the case, ask by contact form and we will e mail you a copy in Microsoft dox format.This will include a text number for direct assistance from the custom Crafter.
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