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1.2 HP 900 Watt Computer Controller and Matching Servo Motor Upgrade or replacement
Built for the 8 X 16 Mini Metal Lathe seen in the images.

Important Notes:
  • There are at least 4 versions of belts-drive pulleys.
    This listing is for the 4-V type belt. Looks like this VVVV
    It will also work with the 3-V type belt. looks like this VVV
    This kit will not fit the other styles. 
  • For M5 style v-belts. They have a single V and are 4 to 5 mm across the top flat.
    See my other listings
  • For single V with the large pulley: Not built yet, ask questions.
This is built to fit VVVV or VVV type belt drive.

Comments from customers who have instaled this kit:
  • The torque with this motor is a major improvment. The old motor would constantly stall out,
    this motor does not.
  • I had to mess with the pulley a bit. Unless it was perfectly alligned it wanted to jump inwards
    towards the motor.
  • I am happy with it.
  • Instaled in aVevor MX 400.
    The new 2024 motor bolts right in without any drilling
    High range:
    Motor 300 to 3,500 RPM. Spindle 180 to 1,630 RPM.
    Low range:
    Motor 300 to 3,500 RPM. Spindle 90 to 880 RPM.
Fits: See images and ask questions.
This is a prototype now instaled and confirmed by 10 customers.
Please notice the motor used to be tilted to fit in all previous versions.
Now our 2024 motor just bolts in without drilling.
However some brands may still require tilting and drilling do to obstructions in the motor box
See images.

Sold complete with all the adapters required to install in the original motor location of the 8 X 16. As seen in the above images.


Each one is custom built when you order. When the build is complete, it will be tested for 20 minuets.
Any defects found during testing will require a complete new build. This insures you likely will not have to deal with returns and exchanges due to manufacturer defects.
All parts required to build are In stock. That means if it is listed as available, it is because we have enough parts to build at least two. We also stock extra parts in case of warranty

The horsepower improvement is incredible.
Kinda like replacing the small block with a big block in your Mustang/Camaro muscle car. 
This system provides full power at any speed
Motor and spindle speeds + Reverse:
The motor speed can be programmed and or full range can be achieved with just the speed control rotary knob on the controller:
Speed control programming only requires a few easy steps.
Reverse is simple, just hold the yellow button for a few seconds.
Programming includes the ability to set bottom and top RPM range separately. In other words you can program the system to run the spindle at any speed or range of speeds you choose (see below).
Slowest speed achievable: Motor 300 RPM
Highest speed this one produced: Motor 4000 RPM.


Motor Specifications:
  • Watt:           900  (1.2 HP)
  • Voltage:      110V
  • HZ:             60
  • Torque:      11 N.M.
  • RPM:         300 to 2,900 RPM in 100 RPM increments.
                       Note: Manufacturer recommended 500 to 2,000 RPM's
  • My personal testing results: This motor runs best between 300 and 2,900 RPM's.
    It can be programmed to reach 3,500 RPM's but it will not. In fact when programmed to run 3,500 The actual top speed is 2,790. However if you program the top RPM to 2,900 it will top out at 2,930. Again all motors perform slightly different so this is an estimate + or minus 200 RPM's

900W 8 X 16 Metal Lathe MX-210V Servo Motor upgrade kit 1.2 hp belt type VVVV

Excluding Sales Tax
  • A new 900 watt motor like the one seen here in photos.   Fitting this motor may require drilling new holes in your lathe.

    The new motor will come with the drive pulley installed on it using a 5mm key-way and set screw. This allows for belt alignment adjustment.

    A new 2023 control computer built by the Custom Crafter includes:

    • Thermal overload system with reset function.
    • Software based jam protection.

    Make note: Color of the reset rocker switch is orange. If it is not orange or green, it does not have thermal overload protection.

    • A wire harness that will allow you to power up your existing digital tach from our control unit.
      Note the Vevor MX400 may require conversion of plug
    • Mounting hardware includes 4 button head M6 bolts.
    • The drill guide plate will be discontinued soon
    • The new 2023 control computer (driver) comes pre programmed. We recomend you tune soft start and braking to optimal performance settings for your lathe.
    • Programming instructions and fault codes are also provided by The Custom Crafter. Includes recommended settings.
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