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The Custom Crafter Aluminum Mini Metal Lathe Headstock Spindle Bearing retainer and Adapter.
Specifically designed to work with the Custom Crafter Spindle drive Servo motor L050 drive conversion.

Fits most brands of 7" X 14" Chinese mini metal lathes.
Does not fit 2 speed lathes such as Harbor Freight and Grizzly.

There are 4 styles of bearing retainers:
  1. Without jack shaft cut out. It fits single speed shaft drive Chinese mini lathes.
  2. With jack shaft cut out. Fits 2 speed mini lathes sold under US names like Harbor Freight and grizzly.
  3. This item; Custom fit to The Custom Crafter Servo Motor and Belt drive
  4. Bearing retainer with seal is no longer available.


This listing is for One of the Aluminum bearing retainers seen in the photos
These are custom made by the Custom Crafter and to fit the Custom Crafter servo motor mods.
However they can be used instead of the plastic retainers and on both sides of the spindle head.
I use them on both sides when I replace spindle bearings.
See the photos. 
FITS these Mini Lathes and many other machines, not just mini lathes:
  • BestEquip spindle drive single speed Mini Metal Lathe 14 Inch Metal Lathe (see photos).
  • Klutch spindle drive single speed Mini Metal Lathe (see photos).
  • Mophorn spindle drive single speed Mini Metal Lathe (see photos).
  • Wen spindle drive single speed Mini Metal Lathe (see photos).
  • Other 7" X 14" Chinese single speed spindle drive mini lathes.
Contact me and ask questions.
I have plenty so you will be able to buy at any time.

Aluminum adapter Mini Metal Lathe Head stock Spindle Bearing Retainer. Headstock

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ships USPS first class with tracking at $4.95

  • Sorry no returns because round trip shipping costs more than the item

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