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Aluminum Mini Metal Lathe Headstock Spindle Spacer replaces plastic spacer.
Fits all brands of Chinese mini metal lathes with direct drive where the drive belt goes all the way from the motor pulley and all the way to the top pulley.
Fits on the 28mm (1.10") shaft diameter where the belt timing pulley fits.

Does not fit 2 speed mini lathes such as Harbor Freight, Grizzly and Klutch.
Two speed mini lathes have an intermediate shaft and a high low gear box inside the spindle head. Belt goes to the intermediate shaft and not the spindle shaft

This listing is for the aluminum spacer seen in the photos.
The image that states comes in the box.
All other parts shown are for comparison only and not included in this sale.

In every single video I watch where the builder is replacing the belt, the bearings, the motor, the gears etc: The builder holds up the plastic spacer and comments about how cheesy it is and how lousy it fits, than they reinstall it.
So doing a build with upgraded parts and reusing this junk part is rather foolish.

If you don't have the tooling or the time to make it, just buy it here.
Besides by the time you make it, you will realize it would have been cost effective to just buy it anyway.

See the photos.


FITS these Mini Lathes:
  • BestEquip Mini Metal Lathe 14 Inch Metal Lathe (see photos).
  • Central Machinery Mini Metal Lathe (see photos).
  • Klutch Mini Metal Lathe (see photos).
  • Mophorn Mini Metal Lathe (see photos).
  • Grizzly Mini Metal Lathe (see photos).
  • Wen Mini Metal Lathe (see photos).
Standard size:
The Custom Crafter size is approximately 0.240"~ 0.270" thick.
This aligns the gears much better on my modified lathes.

Aluminum Mini Metal Lathe Headstock Spindle Spacer replaces plastic spacer

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ships USPS first class with tracking at $4.95

  • Sorry, no returns on items costing less than $10

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