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This is a partial install kit to install your own Servo Motor on a 2 Speed.
It only includes the belt and pulleys.
Made out of polished and anodized aluminum.


Discounts available for those who have purchased a motor or a complete system from us.
Just ask! We will need full name, purchase date and location so we can look it up.

You will have to fabricate your own mount and machine your own cover.

Fits Many Mini Metal Lathes.
(see my other listings for a kit with motor)

Only includes the belt and pulleys.
The adapters required to install an industrial sewing machine servo motor in the original motor location of your 2 speed are not included.

In stock and ready to ship.
This kit is used to modify only two speed Mini Metal Lathes to a 1 hp Servo Motor. 
It will not fit your original motor!

    Does not fit without DIY custom work (contact me and ask first):
    Does not fit factory original motors.
    Your original belt is metric and only 9mm wide.
    Our belt is US standards with much larger teeth, if measured in metric it is 13mm wide


    For the experienced machinist:
    If you cannot fit parts in automotive and or make minor alterations to compensate for alignment and clearance, then you should not 
    attempt to alter or upgrade your lathe.

    Does not fit single speed Chinese Mini Metal Lathe where the belt goes directly between an industrial servo motor or any motor and the Spindle.

    This will help you fit either a Vevor or a Mophorn 550 or 750 watt industrial sewing machine motor to your mini lathe.

    This is the latest version. It utilizes the original 5 mm key way found on several brands of industrial servo motors. 

    This is not a full kit:

    This is just the belt and pulleys required to install a Vevor sewing machine servo motor.

    It does not include a servo motor or driver.

    Vevor sewing motors and drivers are not the same as our servo motors and drivers.

    Our servo motor has factory installed upgrades to improve fit and application for machines other then sewing.

    Our Control unit has overload protection. Theirs does not.

    Our Control unit has improved processor cooling. Theirs does not.

    We have a full warranty and repair service. They do not. In fact we often fix theirs.

    We provided extended customer satisfaction repairs. This is where we fix your system at cost for a whole year.
    They do not.

    We keep all parts in stock so you are back up and running in days, not 6+ months.
    They do not.

    Save $30 now, buy Vevor. Save much more in the future, Just buy the whole kit including upgraded motor from us.

    This servo motor pulley uses the original key way, nut and lock washer found on industrial servo motors with 15 mm shaft.

    For those who want to use their own servo motor right now.
    The horsepower improvement and speed control is incredible.
    As long as you pick one of the right motors, this system provides full power at any speed and that includes Spindle RPM's as low as 60 RPM's

    Please contact me and ask lots of questions before you buy.

    Belt drive for 2 Speed Mini Metal Lathe Motor Conversion

    Excluding Sales Tax
      • Custom made 10 tooth L050 pulley with 15mm bore and 5mm key way slot to fit our servo motors.
        Polished and anodized in shiny red.
      • Custom made 16 tooth L050 pulley with 12mm bore and 4mm key way slot to fit your lathe intermediate shaft.
        Polished and anodized in shiny red.
      • The correct size L050 toothed drive belt
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