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Stepped 7M wide angle pulley fits Gates 7M____ belts to our motors.

15 mm bore, 5 mm key

Note: All have minor shipping damage.

See discounts description below.

This pulley was spacifically made to fit our motors to:
Bolton B290 lathes.

Custom made to fit our motors to multiple machines:

See images for measurments.

    Make note:
    These are built for lathes and mills where the pulley is inside a housing.
    They are cut out of solid aluminum to keep the weight low and the accuracy high.
    These are not suited for your lawn mower or any location where rocks or other opjects
    could be thrown against them. For that go buy a cheap cast iron pulley.



    Bolton Metric Stepped Pulley for Gates 7 mm wide angle Poleyflex Belts

    Excluding Sales Tax
    • All anodized pullys are inspected prior to shipping.
      Damaged finish due to instalation is not refundable.

      If your package arrives damaged take photos and document it.
      Send your images to us with a return request. We will review for shipping damage claim.

      Buyer pays shipping both ways


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