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Custom made build it into your own housing rotary speed control switch:
Works with all our controlers that do not have a built in rotary speed control.

Special Order is in Stock:
These are on fade out. We will only make them as replacments for those who purchased them from us previously. Please contact us to provide proof of need.

Fits all our 550 through 1,500 Watt Servo Motors.

Except those with the switch built into the control unit.

Designed specifically for our (The Custom Crafter) Servo motors and Controllers.
Built for those of us using these servo motors to modify our old or inferior machines.
Additionally they will work with recent model Vevor or Mophorn industrial servo motor and who want a better looking speed control system.

Tested and proven on our systems only.
Buy/use at your own risk for other brands such as Vevor.

Plug and play, just plug it in.
These are for D.I.Y. builders.
Make sure you do not short the speed control wires.
If you do, you smoked your system, not us.

Will not cause fault codes. When you turn on the controller it will go through self prognostics and set at zero ready to go.Safety feature (does not apply on remote capable switch): If you inadvertently turn on the power with the speed control set to any speed besides stop; The motor will not run until your turn the rotary to full stop. Than self diagnostics will complete and you are ready to go.Switch active function: See images for estimated speeds at selected positions.

Make Note: RPM locations on sstickers may not matchactual speeds achieved your system: RPM locations are based on programming set at min 300~max 4,500. If you change the programming, the RPM positions will also change but not on the switch.


Solid state:
No user serviceable parts inside. Glued assembly is impossible to open without major damage.
For that reason, if it fails (see warranty), return it. I will send a replacement or refund your purchase.

Reverse engineering: 
Do not waste your time and money. The pot is not available on the common
market. We have them custom made. This requires lots of paperwork/contracts and a purchase of at lest 1,000 units.

Special Order Build it in Speed Control Switch

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 90 day limited warranty:
    If this switch fails, return it and we will replace it or refund your purchase as follows:
    Buyer pays return shipping.
    We will inspect and test it. If it is defective and there is no obvious physical/electrical damage,
    we will ship you a replacement at no additional cost to you.

    Physical damage is cut wires, shorted bare spots, pried or attempted to open seal.
    Electrical damage is, buyer let the smoke out do to improper use such as, attempting to install it on something besides a Custom Crafter Control Unit in the images or incorrect voltage was applied by outside influences such as voltage spikes caused by lightening or some how plugging it directly into a 110 volt outlet instead of the control unit.
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