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New OEM 550W, 750W & 900W Servo Motor Hall effect sensors and plate.

3 sensors and the PCB as seen in image 1.

This is not easy to solder in. After trying to solder in brand X sensors, it became obvious there must be a better way. Testing fit on multible motors revealed that each motor is slightly different.
Therefore the hall sensors need to be soldered in place (in the motor) to fit correctly.

Note: We only guaranty fit on our motors.
No refunds will be issued if/when you attempt to fit it to a Vevor/Mophorn or any other brand..

Hall Effect Sensors and plate Fits 550W, 750W & 900W

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ships USPS first class, Curently $4.95
    Check actual price in the cart as shipping cost
    can change without notce.

  • Sorry this item is not returnable because rount trip shipping will cost more than the item.

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