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This kit is for those who already instaled The Little Machine Shop belt drive conversion
on their Mini Milling Machine. 

We recomend you purchase our complete kit with toothed belt as the performance is superior. however if you already purchased the LMS belt drive and want to use it, this kit will get you there.


See the original build and test results on YouTube here:

The new machined face plate and the new anodized pulley is included.
See images. It has a second set of mounting holes.
The additional bolt pattern was not designed for the milling machine kit. It is for certian lathes.
However it is within 2 mm. Several builders have chosen to simply slot them with a round file.
This allows instaltion of the new motor in the original motor holes.

Results of adapting Our 1 hp servo motor to the Little Machine Shop Belt Drive:

  • All power complaints are eliminated.
  • Now you have reverse.
  • Full power/torque at spindle speeds as low as  240 RPM.
  • Spindle speeds as high as 3,600 RPM.
  • No belt position changes, just turn the knob.
  • Programable soft start.
  • Programable braking.
  • Programable slowest speed and fastest speed.
  • Self diognostics.

    Lead Time is 3 days.


    About the system:

    • Eliminates noisy and failure prone internal plastic H/L speed gear.
    • Control unit is placed above and and clear of the metal filings that all too often blow the main board. As seen in images. 
    • Runs extremely smooth and quiet.
    • Adds the reverse direction function that is not included on original factory machines.
    • Increases achievable spindle high speed RPM from (factory claims 2.500 RPM) to 3,280 RPM. This is the actual result we measured on this system. Each new system is subject to individual results depending on the main board, power supply, programming and the milling machine it is installed on, etc.
    • Decreases achievable spindle speed from (factory claims 100 results indicate almost no torque) to 
      240 RPM with 10 NM torque or as low as 80 RPM with still outstanding torque.
    • Increases hp from (factory claims 1/3 to 3/4 hp depending on model) to 1 HP and 10 NM torque.


    All milling machines are dangerous, increasing the horsepower increases this danger. 
    It is your responsibility to insure fit and proper application. We make no guarantee of safety, application or that this product is suitable for your intended use.

    Our 750W motor exceeds the capabilitys and stability found in most mini milling machines.
    Use at your own risk. Our liability is limited to the purchase price of this item.


    Mini Milling Machine 1 hp Upgrade with Little Machine Shop Belt Drive

    Excluding Sales Tax
    • Motor range 100 ~ 4,200+ RPM. (in 100 rpm increments)
      • Motor to spindle ratio is 1.25 to 1
      • Spindle speed range is 80 ~ 3,600 RPM.
      • Full power is available at all speeds.
        This means your machine will not load up under load at low speeds.
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