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2 HP 1500 Watt Computer Controlled Servo Motor With internal Speed Control Switch.

Built to fit 2004 Smithy Granite model 1324

Image 1 is the actual system being sold in this listing

Custom made when you order. Lead time is 5 days:

Motor mount bolts on this Smithy model do not always match so minor grinding or slotting of the motor mounting plate may be required.

There are two belt drive versions of this machine:
Contact us before you order and confirm which you have.

One uses a single belt to the spindle.

The other has an intermediate shaft and 2 belts.

See images of both versions.

Please specify which version you have so we can ship the correct belt/belts with your motor upgrade.

Belt tension requires cutting out the back plate to increase motor/tensioner travel.

See images

Lead time:

There is a 5 day delay added to the ship date. This is so we can make sure and build it + ship itso that you receive it in the time allotment allowed.


Sold with a custom built matching control unit:
(The control unit in plastic housing as seen in image 1).

This version would screw onto the underside of a cabinet just above the motor area of the smithy.

Speed is programmable for any range between 300 to 3,500 RPM.

See below for additional cost to include custom made aluminum control unit upgrade instead of plastic unit.

Current motor mount design:
Allows for motor to be installed upright and reversed. This allows for either control unit to be used during your install. Please contact me for instructions if you wish to reverse.

Current motor to control unit wiring:
All motors sold for this system now have the longer wires between the control unit and the motor (2022 version released Oct 2021). This adds distance to mount the standard plastic housing version control unit further away from the machine. It also eases installation of the custom aluminum housing control unit upgrade. See images for measurements.

Note: The maximum distance between control unit and motor is now 28" (was 22").

Custom builds with aluminum control unit require the longer wiring between motor and control unit.

Runs on typical 110 to 120 volt AC household power supply's. Ask about 220/250V AC

Smithy Granite 1324 Combo 2 hp Servo Motor Upgrade Kit Lathe Milling Machine

Excluding Sales Tax
    • A complete servo motor as seen in images.
    • A stand alone and programmable custom built servo motor driver with overload protection and internal speed control.
      Plastic version seen in image 1.
    • A welded steel motor mount designed to fit the Smithy Granite 1324 seen in images. Look close at images as some of these
      machines have a different mounting system.
    • The pulley comes installed on the motor and includes the 15mm to 5/8" adapter.
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