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Stepped 2L pulley 15 mm bore, 5 mm key fits USA 2L belts + Metric M7 & M5

Custom made to fit our motors to multiple machines:
Works with the following belts:
USA 2L 1/4" wide V Belts
Metric M7 (7 mm wide) V Belts
Metric M5 (5 mm wide) V Belts

See images for measurments.

Make note:
These are built for lathes and mills where the pulley is inside a housing.
They are cut out of solid aluminum to keep the weight low and the accuracy high.
These are not suited for your lawn mower or any location where rocks or other opjects
could be thrown against them. For that go buy a cheap cast iron pulley.



Stepped 2L pulley 15 mm bore, 5 mm key fits USA 2L belts + Metric M7 & M5

Excluding Sales Tax
  • If defective return it and we will replace it or refund your purchase as follows: Buyer pays return shipping.

    We will inspect and test it. If it is defective and there is no obvious physical damage, we will ship you a replacement at no additional cost to you.

    1. Defective is covered and due to improper manufacturing only.
    2. Runout is due to improper instalation or out of true motor shaft. No refund if it tests umder 0.004" on our motor.
    3. Physical damage by user is not covered and related to: Customer pried on or hammered on it or dropped it.
      No refund will be issued.
    4. Shipping damage is covered but requires documentation. This includes images of the packaging before you open it and after opened to show resulting damage.
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