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16L050 toothed timing pulley with belt guide flanges and over size hub. 
See images for measurements.

Motor side drive pulley:
Fits all our motors.
Fits threaded shaft when spacer provided with motor is used.
Includes set screws for strait shaft type install.

These synchronous pulleys have a wide speed range, are very efficient, do not slip or squeal and much less noise than std v belt drives. 


Teeth on the belts are molded to conform with and engage the teeth on a mating L050 toothed belt.

Material: Anodized aluminum
Belt pitch: L

Belt width: 1/2"
Teeth: 16
Bore: 15 mm
Key 5 mm

16L050 With 15 mm bore & 5 mm key. Synchronous Timing Pulley

Excluding Sales Tax
  • One 16L050 X 15 X 5 Timing Pulley as seen in images.

    You will find it costs less to buy a kit versus indavidual parts.

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