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I bought this new 2 years ago just befor our anual lobster diving trip to the keys.
Unfortuniatly this was the first year I was not able to swim enough laps in my pool to feel safe fighting the current where we dive for lobster and I had to cancel the trip.
My legs have have gone down hill since so I guess I will never get to use it.

Spear Fishing is strictly regulated. Some locations ban posession of this item completly.
You must check all your local laws before you purchase this item.
Also check Fish and Game requlations before you even take this to the water.

53" Ocean Rhino RX Series Hybrid Lineshaft Spear Fish

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This item will be difficult to ship so it's best to stop buy and pick it up.
    In this case the $45 shipping fee will be refunded.

    Please note: Sales tax in Florida includes shipping and is 7%.
    6% state & 1% Polk county.

  • Man cave items are clearance items. No returns wil be accepted.


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